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Comedian Chris Paul takes a hilarious look at the day’s hottest topics.

Rapper 2 Chainz was arrested.  While Lil Wayne and TI left Oklahoma on private jets. 2 Chainz had his tour bus pulled over, and the cops thought they smelled weed, so they tried to board but the bus driver locked the door.  So the cops got a warrant and stormed the bus.  And they took everybody to jail.  So in all the cops got 2 Chainz, one driver, and ten negroes, who were, too high, while Lil Wayne and TI were chilling on two planes.

Aaron Hernandez was officially indicated on the charge of first degree murder.  So for all you football fans that means he was traded from the New England Patriots to the San Quentin Soap Droppers.

Breaking news, Allen Iverson is set to announce his retirement from basketball.  This follows on the footsteps of NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb who recently announced his retirement.  And just like A.I. he hasn’t played in years.  Are there any more unnecessary retirement announcements coming?  Maybe Jesse Jackson, Jr. should announce he’s retiring from politics.  Or maybe Jason Collins should announce he’s retiring from women.  Or maybe DMX should announce that he’s retiring from sobriety.

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