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Dear Tom,

When I first met my future wife, I didn’t realize she was a single mother. Not because she hid the fact that she had children, but because, unlike the other single mothers I had met, Edith didn’t complain about her kids.

We dated for 18 months before I met her 3 daughters. I was immediately attracted to her strong sense of self, as well as the obvious love & concern for her kids. She stresses the importance of education, imagination and creativity. The girls are now ages 19, 17 & 13 – The oldest is studying Radiology in school.

This November will mark 11 years that Edith has worked for the T.S.A as a Transportation Security Officer. In fact, Jay may have run into her in his travels – she has worked at Augusta Regional Airport, Columbia Metropolitan and she was recently promoted to Security Supervisor at Greenville-Spartenburg International Airport.

Edith goes to school to keep her brain sharp and up to date – double majoring in Homeland Security Emergency Management and Organizational Management. She says we have to be examples to our children – so I, too, am going to school to keep myself up to date.

I praise her in the way she raised those girls by herself. She truly is a wonderful woman who happens to be a big fan of The Simpsons and she REALLY wants to go to their new theme park in Orlando.

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