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The news that Pam Bryant, Kobe’s Bryant’s mother, is trying to sell a million dollars worth of Kobe’s memorabilia apparently left with her has opened up yet another chapter of the Byrant saga, which has been fraught with a family turmoil on both sides, a rape case, a divorce filing that was then dropped and allegations some years ago that Vanessa was hit on by Kobe’s then teammate Karl Malone.

While Kobe and his parents had reconciled, they are now estranged again as Kobe has filed a cease and desist against his mother and a New Jersey based auction house to keep his mother from selling his personal items. She has reportedly said the $450,000 advance is to purchase a new home.

Who really knows what’s going on here? Of course the internets are on fire with “fans” alleging that while his mother in law is sitting pretty, his mama’s in the poor house. I highly doubt that. Years ago, I went to the prom with Kobe Bryant. No, I wasn’t his date, singer Brandy was and I was with Brandy to write the story for the Philadelphia Daily News. The two, then both 18, were the epitome of a cute teenage couple, whispering and giggling to each other as we rode in a limo to Kobe’s parent’s house in an upper middle class Philadelphia suburb.

I remember a modest but cozy family home and a tight-knit family. I’d see Kobe’s tall, pretty older sisters, Shaya and Sharia, all the time out in Philly and at NBA All-Star Games. Since 2003, Sofia Urbieta Laine, Vanessa’s mother, has lived in a $2.5 million dollar mansion purchased by Bryant after her own tumultuous divorce. That house sold recently but not before Laine moved into another one.

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