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Dear Tom.

My mom lives in my hometown Peoria. She has always loved helping people. She worked for the Boys & Girls Club, The Red Cross and The United Way before she retired. But being retired doesn’t mean she doesn’t stay busy. She is very involved with her church and is even a Prayer Warrior!

Now, I moved away when I was 21 but like in the movie “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” – she left my room Just the way I left it – and it’s always there when I come visit. 14 years ago, my mother got legal custody of her grandson (my nephew) Kerry.

Being retired and on a fixed income did not stop her from taking him in and raising him just like she raised me. My nephew is on the wrestling team and R.O.T.C. and she loves getting his report cards because he makes real good grades and he is about to graduate high school.

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 12th and she will be turning 74 on May 7th. I know she could use a new set of tires for her car, Bessie.

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