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Kanye West,  Shaun Rogers and a dumb teacher are Chris Paul’s targets in this “Morning Minute.”


This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

 Kanye West is back at the center of controversy after reports surfaced that he’s naming his new album, I Am God.  Really Kanye?  I Am God?  God created the heavens and the earth.  And you only make beats.  God snatched Jonah from the mouth of the whale, and you snatched a mic from Taylor Swift.  And God found a virgin to carry his child.  And you, well, um, not quite.

In Minnesota a married high school teacher was arrested after she paid her 17 year old student $120 to delete the cellphone pictures he had of him fondling her breasts.  They locked her up for that?  Since when it is illegal to give a kid a little milk money.

New York Giants defensive tackle Shaun Rogers got robbed of $500,000 worth of jewelry down in Miami.  Shaun took a woman back to his hotel room, and when he woke up both she and his half million dollars of jewelry were gone.  Here’s the play by play.  ‘It’s late in the game.  Shaun Rogers is in total control of this one.  He sacked her three times already and that last time he hit her so hard from her blind side I’m surprised the ball didn’t pop loose.  But wait, what’s this. It’s a trick play! She reversed it, Shaun Rogers is knocked out cold! Now she’s intercepting all of her jewelry  and running down the hall!  She could go all the way!

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