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The Zimmerman family has become notorious for saying whatever they have to in order to defend the actions and character of George Zimmerman, convicted in the death of the late Trayvon Martin. However, Robert Zimmerman Jr., brother of George, took things way too far when he went on a twitter rampage this past Sunday. Zimmerman posted a picture of a side by side comparison of both Trayvon Martin and De’Marquis Elkins. Elkins has recently been charged in the fatal shooting of a 1-year-old Antonio Santiago. In the picture are the comments, ”A picture speaks a thousand words,” followed by “Any Questions?” Zimmerman’s tirade went on to blame the media in the portrayal of his brother ”as a villain” and Trayvon Martin as a child, according to Robert’s tweets. Zimmerman moves on to imply that his brother is being portrayed as a villain because of racism due to the fact that Martin’s death has been considered a “white-on-black crime.” What do you think?


—Alexis Holliday

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