Of course we all have our opinions of popular reality shows like VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ and Oxygen’s ‘Bad Girls Club’; a handful of us love the cat fights and drama while others believes it paints women, mostly minority women, in a negative light. However, what about those that follow the lives of the people we see everyday? What if those people were our local first families?

Yes, the family of our local pastor. Lifetime Network’s newest reality show, ‘Preacher’s Daughters’, is sure to ruffle some feathers. The show follows the not so innocent lives and drama of the daughters of local preachers.

We all know the old saying regarding “preachers’ kids,” but is this show taking it a little too far? The show is receiving mixed reviews and is the source of a lot of controversy.

A lot of viewers find the show to be distasteful in the sense that it exploits the problems the young girls’ face and fails to be a positive depiction of Christians. Others believe the show is extremely enlightening and shares the many struggles a lot of children of preachers and the religious face.

What do you think? Is it really time to say enough is enough with all the new reality shows? Is it really exploitation of personal problems for a quick buck or is it an honest attempt to bring attention to situations otherwise looked over?


—Alexis Holliday

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