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Bobby Brown is a terrible father.

It may be too late for Brown to grow up, turn his life around, and be the father that his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, seriously deserves.

Perhaps I’m expecting too much of Bobby Brown, former husband of Whitney Houston, drug user and alcoholic. But if Brown has any dignity left and love for Bobbi Kristina, he’ll use his time in jail over the next eight weeks to re-evaluate his relationship with his daughter and reflect on his own life and emerge from behind bars as a devoted father.

He’s got nothing but time.

Brown was recently arrested for DUI – his third DUI arrest – and given 55 days in jail and four years probation. He has until March 29 to turn himself in to authorities and he must also complete an 18-month alcohol treatment program.

He was charged in October with DUI and driving on a suspended license because Brown’s license had been suspended as a result of his previous DUI conviction in 2012.

What a knucklehead. Brown was driving drunk and with a suspended license. What did he think would happen?

Bobby Brown will never be a role model for black men. And as disgusted as I am with Brown, I’m still rooting for him. Why? Because I don’t want Bobbi Kristina to travel down the same toxic path as her parents — although she’s already exhibiting some troubling behavior.

Last month, Bobbi Kristina was spotted in Atlanta walking with a friend and passing what appeared to be marijuana joint. Friends of Bobbi Kristina are reportedly worried that she’s relying on drugs to cope with her mother’s death. Whitney Houston died last year after taking drugs and drinking alcohol.

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