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HB: Do you find that it’s hard to date? Could you date someone that’s not in the industry?

Harmony: Hell yea, its very difficult. Dating especially when you’re trying to do so many different things from albums to videos and films and scoring movies, it makes it so difficult to balance a love life. Trying to date someone in the industry is hard because they are trying to make it and you’re working as well and then dating someone outside of the industry, they don’t have an understanding of the lifestyle. So it’s very hard trying to balance both lives. I’m still young so who knows. I may fall in love one day.

HB: Any celeb crushes?

Harmony: I am big fan of “Scandal” so I’ll say Kerry Washington, that show is crazy!

HB: Describe your perfect Valentine’s Day playlist in 5 songs

  • Destiny’s Child “Cater 2 U”
  • Jodeci “Feenin”
  • R Kelly “4 Play”
  • SWV “Rain”
  • Boyz 11 Men “End Of The Road”

HB: What do you want to be remembered by?

Harmony: I want people to say that’s the man that brought back R&B, like 90s R&B! I’m talking about Brandy, “Never Say Never”! I’m trying to start a record label right now called BOE which stands for Black Out Entertainment. We want to be the new “Jerry McGuire” in the industry where you don’t have to get screwed over but artist can be safe. Back in the day, Motown had great superstars and they took the artists from the studio to the stage. Now, not too many artists can go from the studio from the stage. Beyonce is one of them, Kelly is one of them, and there are a lot of other people I’ve worked with that can do it but as a whole, I don’t believe that many people have done that.  So for that reason, we’re trying to create our own mini Motown. We’re going into TV shows, clothing lines, and a lot of other stuff. But my real dream is to be an executive at a record label one day.

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