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HB: If you could offer Chris Brown any advice man to man, what would you tell him?

Harmony: Keep your head up, keep going, and keep strong! No ones perfect! He got there for a reason. He’s doing this for a reason. So, I can’t take anything away from him and say he did something wrong. I make mistakes myself. I love the kid; he’s a special kid and anybody who works with him in the studio will say that. And like I said, it’s a shame that the media did what they did. Chris is a good man and he knows what he’s doing. He’s very strong, and working on this new album, he’s going to express it again and tell to the world how he feels.

HB: Speaking of controversy in the media, what do you have to say about the Presidential Inauguration and Beyonce being accused of lip syncing the National Anthem?

Harmony: I’ll say this, Beyonce, whether she lip syncs or not, we don’t have a right to say anything because its not like she can’t sing. She can prove it at any place and time. You can stop her in the middle of the street and say sing and she’ll blow you away! The girl can sing! No one knows what goes on behind the scenes. They might have wanted her to prerecord, we don’t know. I don’t even know if it was prerecorded. But people will lip sync; it’s a professionalism behind it. Not every person wants to sing live. It could be because artists are sick sometimes and they still have to perform. Sometimes it’s to make sure there is no mistakes or because of the programming. Regardless, if it was someone who couldn’t sing then it would be a different story. So the fact of the matter is, the girl can sing. She’s a phenomenal artist and she’s sold millions of records for it.

HB: What’s the biggest difference in working with a female music artist vs a male artist?

Harmony: Put it this way, for some reason I work better with female artists than male artists. Maybe because my most favorite people in my world is my mother and my sister. But other than that, I don’t know, but for some reason I connect with them. Like Fantasia, I connect with her and we did a whole album. Michelle Williams: whole album. Kelly Rowland, we did five songs on her album. So it’s like a connection. I guess I help bring out their vulnerability and I make them feel safe enough to be vulnerable and let them know that it’s okay to cry behind the microphone when your singing and it’s okay scream and let your feelings out. I’m not going to judge you on that or tell anybody. So, I think it’s knowing that they feel safe. They believe that the music is what they need and that’s what we do at the studio. We make the artist feel safe so they can be the best they can be and at the end of the day when the album comes out I bet you people will know why they sound so good. Like on Michelle and Fantasia’s album, they are really singing. They put their heart on their sleeve.

HB: Is it hard putting yourself in the mindset of a female when working with a female artist?

Harmony: You have to. It’s kind of weird because I’m a dude so in some way you have to sit back and be quiet and do a lot of listening and really understand why women feel like how they do, especially women in the industry. It’s a very strange but gratifying feeling when you sit down and you can understand and they are like, “that’s exactly what I mean and that’s exactly how I’m feeling!”

HB: You work with all these beautiful women, so are you currently dating? Are you single? What’s going on with your love life?

Harmony: I date music. My music is my lover right now. I date music because it’s easier

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