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HB: Do you find any differences from English artists and American artists?

Harmony: Oh, there is a total difference! Our accents for one, but besides that, England is very different in music just because music there is so small. Music is always crossing into each other like rock and pop and pop and dance and dance and R&B. It blends into one. But in America, music is more defined. You have urban artists, you have pop artists, you have the ones that can go in the middle. Also, Americans are more aggressive in the way they handle music which works perfect for me, I love it. Americans work so much harder in trying to make an impact in the world and with English artists, they’re okay to come out and just do well in England and never really expand.

HB: I noticed that you have a close relationship with Chris Brown that started around the time he was going through the incident with Rihanna. Since you worked on a few songs on his FAME album, I think it’s safe to say that you played a role in his come back. What do you think about all the media scrutiny  that Chris is receiving now for his love life? 

Harmony: The one thing I love about Chris is that if you want to know how he really feels listen to his album. Chris doesn’t hide his feelings, he lets you know. The only reason the media is even allowed to know anything about him is because he’s somewhat allowing us to know how he feels. The media is going to say anything, good or bad, and they’re going to go at him anyway. He’ll go behind the microphone and say exactly how he feels. Anybody who has an idea and wants to make an issue about it, they go ahead and do it. He just says, “I’ll say exactly how I feel on the mic”.  It’s inspiring to watch someone do that, to take all the scrutiny and go hard for what he believes in. It’s amazing! Even in his love life he’s like, “my love life is my love life. I’m going to sing about it and I’m going to talk about it and do it the way I want to do it.”  I respect him for that. It’s hard being in the industry and having your life put on blast everyday, so more power to him. That’s why I always support him, because he’s real honest with himself.

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