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Today’s Wednesday Christmas Wish winner is Tiffany Smith out of Baltimore, Maryland.

Hello TJMS,

My name is Tiffany Smith and I am a single mother of two girls, one who is five years-old and the other, who just turned two last week.  I am a full time employee of the University of Maryland for the last eleven years and I attend University of Phoenix online trying to get a degree in accounting.

I have struggled to provide for my girls their whole lives and I have had to rob Peter to pay Paul just to get by, as my 77 year- old grandmother who listens to your show every day would say.  My girls mean the world to me and I would love to make this one of the best Christmas’s they have had, but do to me having financial hardship I am unable to provide them with the things they have asked for.

My girls know the meaning of Christmas and attend church every Sunday. They understand that Christmas is not just for receiving gifts, but to celebrate the birth of Jesus. How my situation stands today, I have not been able to purchase them anything for the holiday or even gotten my youngest a birthday gift.  I do get a pay check four days before Christmas, but my rent payment for the month is already late, so I have to take my whole check minus $116 and pay that.  I have no one to turn to for assistance in helping me to give my girls gifts for Christmas.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could grant my wish and help me to give my girls a Merry Christmas. The thing that hurts my heart the most with being unable to provide gifts for them is that they haven’t even asked for much. Thank you in advance for at least considering helping my family for the holiday.  Stay blessed and rejoice in the lord.

Yours Truly, Tiffany Smith


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