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I don’t know if your mother told you this, but there’s nothing better than a black woman! Our radiant, sun-kissed skin and our thick coarse hair that twists and locks into diverse styles…The way we hold our man down during the hardest of times, while raising the children, holding a steady job and do it all with an unprecedented poise… A black woman’s strength is unparalleled and a silent aphrodisiac to all those who come in contact with it. Only a black woman can cry on the inside and smile with pearly whites on the exterior. It is a gift handed down to use from generation upon generation. And finally, the sex…

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There’s a famous scene in “Harlem Nights” where a character named Richie, who is lying in bed after being intimate with Sunshine, sheds a tear then calls his wife and tells her: “I ain’t never coming home no more.” Plenty of men have dared hike the bountiful curves and luxurious waves of a black woman’s body. As you can see, once you go black…

Model Gabriel Aubry, can be seen walking through the hills of Hollywood with a small nugget underneath his right eye. What happened to him? He came in contact with Halle Berry’s current boyfriend/actor Oliver Martinez. According to reports, Aubry swung first on Martinez resulting in him being used as a punching bag. (Click here, for photos) Only the love of a black woman will make you go that crazy!

Meanwhile, Fox weatherman Geoff Fox, got fired from his job after he posted these explicit messages on his mistresses (who happens to be black) Facebook account:

“Get on top of me and hump me Zoel/ sit on my __/ and slide yourself up and down/ while you do I’ll rub your __/ because I want to feel your __ get tight around my __/ I want you to come for me/ you are my erotic fantasy girl exotic/ I want to hear you call my name/I want your muscles to go tight”

Someone’s thirsty for the blackberry!

Whoopi Goldberg turned Ted Danson out so bad, he was wearing black face!

Before we knew who Robin Thicke was married to, we had given the blue-eyed soul singer an honorary black card. It never occurred to us that he resonated so much with the African American culture because his black wife, Paula Patton, added some seasoning salt (preferably Lawry’s) to his swag! The High School sweethearts have been inseparable since they met!

Once English musician David Bowie got a taste of supermodel Iman he was so sprung, according to Naomi, two weeks after they started dating he met her at a crowded airport with no secuirty! “I was coming from Paris and I got to L.A. at the airport and the doors open to the plane and I come out and I see all these people taking a picture of somebody. And he was standing there, flowers in hand, no security. That was when I knew he was a keeper. He didn’t care if anyone saw,” reports NYMag. The interracial couple have been married for 20+ years and have a beautiful daughter together.

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