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When a three-year-old girl  took a poop in the shower, her father decided to discipline her on the internet, sparking outrage from online viewers, reports the Daily Mail.

The unidentified man, who will not be winning any father of the year awards, posted a picture of the little girl with a sign hanging around her little neck detailing her accident. He then shamed his daughter by posting it online for millions to see.

To make matters worse, the father even made the child scribble her name at the bottom of the message.  The picture of the little girl was posted on the social networking site,, and the father did not even think to blur the unassuming child’s smiling face. The sign read as follows:

‘I pooped in the shower and daddy had to clean it up. I hereby sign this as permission to use in my yearbook senior year.’

Even though the child’s dad got a kick out of his controversial ploy, the photo sparked an onslaught of criticism from concerned parents and peeved internet users who feel that he went too far.

Some comments include:

‘That makes a child insecure, because it teaches her she can’t trust the people closest to her.

 ‘The father is one sick piece of c**t’  

‘Someone needs to hang a sign on him for being a terrible father that exploits his poor toddler daughter.

What was the father’s response to his daughter’s photo going viral?

He joked and said that his child could sue him for “defecation,” as opposed to defamation.

Meanwhile, the ‘Parents Gone Loco‘ movement seems to be picking up steam as many are resorting to the internet to humiliate their children.  This latest parents vs. kids furor comes on the heels of the now famed Tommy Johnson (pictured) case.

Johnson, a gun-toting North Carolina dad, gave his daughter a tough-love lesson earlier this year. After his daughter posted criticisms of his parenting style (like making her do mundane chores) on a Facebook post, the shocked dad was investigated by police and a child protective agency. In what has become common-place, he furiously responded to someone living in his home — where else? — online.

The dad gave an eight minute rant before shooting his daughter’s laptop eight times for the world to see.  The clip was posted on YouTube and was viewed by over 34 million people.  The fuming father’s extreme actions were both criticized and praised for his in-your-face parenting style.

It seems, whether we like it or not, that the age of internet parenting is here to stay.

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