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You may have heard about this controversy (that may have been blown out of proportion) about R&B crooner Eric Benet. His latest single entitled ‘Redbone Girl’ has caused a negative uproar amongst darker toned women for obvious reasons. It’s gotten quite a bit of backlash and it’s brought up the light skin vs. dark skin debate.

Benet calls the TJMS to speak to Jacque Reid and the Fly Jock and crew to defend himself and explain how the song came about to begin with.  He also made it a point to explain that he made a song called ‘Chocolate Legs’ a few years ago and no one said a thing but he makes‘Redbone Girl’ and it gets backlash?

We have an obvious double standard here (Tom agrees) and he makes a great point.  Eric meant no harm in making this song.

Check out the interview here to hear Benet speak on this issue.

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