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In Part I of “The State of Manhood In America” there was a statement that I made that I want to back up and break down:

“I believe that manhood is defined by how you love and provide for your wife and family.”

Many of the single men that I talked to did not like this definition of manhood. Many single men said to me“Manhood has nothing to do with whether or not I am married or single.” Then I would say “But when are you the most man? Manhood should be about the state at which you are the most man that you can be. Your full evolution of man.” This is the redefinition of manhood. Are there some single men that are more man then married men? – Sure. Can a man max his evolution while still in a state of singleness? – I don’t see why not. But what I am saying is that the average man that wants a marriage and family has to challenge himself. He has to challenge himself to meet the demands of the growth and development required, in specific areas, to have that successful marriage and happy family life. Those specific areas begin with but are not limited to:

1.) The Act of Loving 2.) Leadership 3.) Responsibility 4.) Communication 5.) Compromise 6.) Consistency 7.) Purpose 8.) Restraint 9.) Structure 10.) Planning.

Specified Areas By Example:

1.) I adopted an understanding that loving her is loving me.

2.) She is not going follow first, man has to exhibit leadership first.

3.) The single man is responsible for one person. The married man is responsible for at least two.

4.) Communication is on the job training. As a husband I had to develop better listening skills.

5.) I almost never compromised as a single man. Compromise is the first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning now.


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