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One of our favorite sites Shine posted a story that, in their words, ‘proves all women are nuts’. Researchers at a University in Virginia found that when women were presented with men who, from their Facebook profile, liked them, men who didn’t and men who couldn’t say either way, the women found themselves interested in the guys who didn’t like them. Yep, you read it right, ladies like the men that don’t like them. Great.

My question is though; why do we like guys who don’t like us? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to like someone who actually liked you back?

Probably. And that’s where all our problems start. It’s just to easy.

We all know the girls who keep going back to the guy who won’t commit to her, or keeps cheating on her, because it’s a challenge, or they ‘know that he does really care about me, he’s just shy with his feelings’. Sure, that’s why he broke up with you for a weekend in Vegas, and that’s why he’s creeping with half the neighborhood.


And we have all been the friends who have tried to make her see sense. Well sadly, basically according to this survey, there is no hope for us. No matter how many times we can tell our friends to drop the deadbeat, or make well-reasoned arguments as to why her logic is totally flawed, she is genetically wired to ignore us.

But I can’t help thinking that perhaps these results may be just a little misleading. Surely not everyone out there is willing to settle for a guy, or a girl for that matter, who treats them like just a jump off, and flatly just isn’t committed to them. Surely?

Maybe this research was engineered by a couple of women, who wanted an explanation to why they or their friends put up with a boyfriend who was acting shady, or why they are still single.

Or maybe, it is easier to accept that we are destined to pick the men who are wrong for us, than it is to accept that he just really isn’t that into you.

I know that whenever you go out with someone who you think is perfect and you tell everyone about your amazing time, and it doesn’t quite go to plan, then we all (don’t even try and play the ‘hell no, I don’t waste time on no man’ card), try to reason our way out of it. His cell died, he was really busy with work, he was moving hose this weekend, he was hit by a car and lost his memory and/or use of his hands to call me. Any explanation it seems, except he just didn’t like me.

But at least know we have some explanation for why we do it.

What do you think?

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