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Black History Month isn’t a brand new thing, but it is clearly more important to the black culture than it is to the white. Comedian, Dave Ackerman set out to make a point and that point is to fight ignorance with ignorance. Well, he’s definitely done that. This video oozes ignorance.

The students at Bringham Young University–a predominantly white college in Utah were quizzed by Ackerman to show just how little Black History Month means to them. Here’s 8 of the most disturbingly ignorant moments from the video. Watch at your own discretion.

1. First thing’s first. There was absolutely no reason for the comedian to go to the campus in black face. I’m pretty certain he could get his point across in his own skin.

2. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. seems to be the only black historical figure that these students know. And even then, they have no clue what Dr. King’s significance is.

3. A few of the clueless students labeled Samuel L. Jackson, 50 Cent, TuPac and Will Smith as historical black figures.

4. The one black student the comedian asked about how he celebrates Black History Month and he had no clue.

5. One of the white student said that he celebrates Black History Month with fried chicken and grape juice.

6. Amazingly enough, one of the students even used the term “colored people.”

7. The comedian asked several girls would they rather date a white guy that acts black or a black guy that acts white and they prefer a black guy that acts white because that’s “classy.”

8. The last 30 seconds of the video shows the BYU students acting how they think black people act and well…you can only imagine the head rolls, finger snaps and broken English they’re throwing out.

What do you think–funny or offensive?

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