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For the next 7 weeks look for my new column on called “The D.I.N.A.O. Project.” A new article for the column will be released every Thursday at 12 PM EST.

We are always talking about divorce. If we are not talking about divorce we are talking about who is getting married. Well, I want to talk about and write about how to stay married.

I talk to couples who have marital problems every day. While the people that I talk to are different, the problems within the marriages are very much the same. The problems are the same because the solution is the same. The solution is a technological advancement in relationship problem solving and conflict resolution that I created and developed called, “The D.I.N.A.O. Project,” short for “Divorce Is Not An Option.” We can save our marriages if we are taught, if we are trained, if we exhibited and if we all believed that divorce is not an option as a solution to a troubled marriage.

What is unique about D.I.N.A.O. and why it’s light years ahead of all relationship therapeutic treatments is that it looks at the end result of a relationship problem first, and then works its way backwards to the root of the problem.

The end result of too many marriages today is divorce. I start off all of my relationship counseling sessions explaining to couples why they don’t want a divorce. I have been there. Divorce sucks. Divorce hurts. Divorce is for losers. You don’t want to be a loser do you? Divorce means that you quit, that you failed, that you are a failure. You don’t want a divorce. D.I.N.A.O.

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