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A St. Louis mother is accused of encouraging her children to fight each other on cell phone-recording that was posted on Facebook, Fox 2 News St. Louis reports. A friend of the mother saw the posting and called Fox 2 soon after.

She asked not to be identified, but spoke to the television station on Tuesday.

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“It’s just sickening and I feel like there should be some kind of criminal action taken,” she told us.  “I couldn’t even watch the whole video.  I had to stop it and look again. It was sad.”

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In the video, two children are violently fight each other. However, one of the children is clearing getting the upper hand and asking that the attack stop. That plea didn’t seem to make the mother break up the fight. In fact, she egged the children on and offered suggestions on how they can better attack each other.

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“Got some action! Got some action!” the woman can be heard yelling as she shoots the video.  “Y’all better ball up some fists!”

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Here is more on the story:

“Wow,” was the initial response of St. Louis child psychologist Russell Hyken after we showed him the images.

“That’s pretty overwhelming.  Those are small children that really don’t even understand what is going on. I mean one child is screaming and the other child continues to go after her.  I mean what is going on here?”

That’s the very question we tried to ask Missouri’s Department of Social Services.  We requested they view the video.

Spokesperson Rebecca Woelfel responded, saying, “State law prohibits release of information specific to a case or individual, so we could not confirm nor deny involvement in the case.”

Hyken says this case should be on the state’s radar.

“I think it is something that they at least need to be looking at.  I don’ t know the law in that area, but as a therapist, and a family therapist at that, I’m pretty concerned the parents are encouraging violence and putting their kids in a physically abusive situation.”

The woman who alerted us to the video agrees.

“Knowing her in school, it seemed like a great mother and like she wouldn’t allow her child to do that, but with her going on with that like she was and coaching her child to fight and fight and was pushing her to fight as the kids are crying, I’m like oh no.  There is no way.”

The mother has not been named because no charges have been filed against her. The faces of the children have also been blurred.

Here is the full video of the children fighting here:

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