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When you work under someone, usually you oblige by their rules…that is, unless you are Angela Christine. The diva hair stylist comes with glowing recommendations, a stunning resume and a client base worth fighting for. That could possibly be the reason why she doesn’t respect her mentor–Kim Kimble of Kimble Studios.

Angela and Kim constantly butt heads on the reality show “LA Hair.” Angela is a stylist at Kim’s salon but her attitude is sometimes more lavish than her styles.

There seems to be an underlying issue between the ladies and Angela addresses these problems on her blog:

“Kim seems to put possession or “ownership” on some people, her clients and staff… especially Anthony! Not being allowed to do as you please in your off day, or lending a helping hand to a fellow team member without permission, seems a bit extreme, almost like indentured servitude. I honestly think there’s a huge power trip going on here and it’s not an attractive look,” says Angela.

She continues, “Meanwhile, let me give you some back-story from the treacherous, backstabbing snake, people like to refer to as Angela Christine. I moved to Los Angeles with no friends and no family on a dream. With God-given talent, I was hired at Kimble Hair Studio within the same week of my transition. No shortcuts and no cheating involved, by the way. I worked as often as I could so that I could not only prove my work ethic, but to also build a clientele of my own. In that process, I also assisted Kim and took care of her clients in her absence. The rules in place about giving out personal information means that although I’m working and meeting people practically 24/7 in the salon, I’m not allowed to do anything with my connections and turn down every opportunity that comes my way unless the salon gives it to me.”

“How am I supposed to grow and make a name for myself if I’m not allowed to build on the connections I make? Why am I not being encouraged to do test shoots, or red carpet events on my off time? Because it doesn’t make Kim Kimble money.”

“Why is it OK for me to work on your clients when you’re away, but not when you’re here??? Because all high profile clients are only meant to claim Kim Kimble as their stylist. Keep watching… you’ll see a pattern. Did she ever offer one or two, who I began to service consistently in her absence? NO! If it doesn’t make Kim Kimble dollars or notoriety, it doesn’t make sense and is therefore frowned upon.”

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