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Seven-year-old Aaris Conway was climbing a tree in his backyard in Lancaster, California, when he accidentally hanged himself with his karate belt, reports

“He wanted to come outside to play basketball,” Aaris’s mother Evelyn Briggs told KTLA. “Then he climbs in the tree that [the neighborhood kids] all climb in and hung himself.”

Briggs claims that Aaris had only been in the yard for about 20 minutes when it got quiet. She went outside to investigate with Aaris’s brother Aaron, who, clearly distraught, said that he tried to pull his brother down, but it was too late:

“I was trying and trying not to pour any more tears, but I can’t help it,” he said.

Briggs said that there was nothing unusual about her son’s request to play outside alone and she’s still in shock about her baby’s death:

“I was screaming. But I realized I have to go grab my baby and so we got him untangled. He fell and I shook him. I did chest compression, CPR,” she said to KTLA.

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Saying that she felt “lost” and “empty” without her so, she has a warning for other parents:

“Every minute counts,” Briggs said. “It takes a second. I just want other parents to be aware. Just be careful, things happen so sudden.”

Aaron also shared his feelings about their tragic loss:

“He was my little brother, and I love him.”

This kind of accident is more common than people might think. In March of 2012, 9-year-old Elijah Lang accidentally hanged himself from his porch with a dog leash while attempting to swing from there into the backyard. Luckily, he survived due to the quick actions of one of his neighbors:

“I seen the little baby hanging on the side of the house with a dog leash,” remembered Telisha Binion, who happened to be walking down the street when she saw the boy hanging. “It was wrapped around his neck, a dog leash; he was just laying there limp.”

Binion ran inside of the home to tell Elijah’s family who tried to perform CPR before rushing him to the hospital. He was lifeless for 20 minutes, according to, but began breathing on his own after 2 hours. Doctors said that he suffered a seizure from the hanging, but is otherwise fine.

“God is good all of the time because I thought we had lost him,” said Elijah’s grandmother April Lang.

Unfortunately, little Aaris Conway was not so lucky and our thoughts are with the family during this tragic time.

Rest in peace, Little One.

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