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Is Oprah Winfrey about to lose her OWN? The National Enquirer seems to believe so, reporting that Discovery Communications – who partnered with the television icon – is going to appoint someone else to run the station she started. That sounds about as believable as God replacing Jesus with Joel Osteen, but this is what the tabloid is claiming.

“Oprah’s situation is equivalent to Donald Trump telling one of his ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ contestants: ‘You’re fired!’” declared a TV in­sider.

As ratings sputtered and hundreds of millions of dol­lars spiraled down the drain, execs at Discovery Commu­nications, which co-owns the Oprah Winfrey Net­work, made the strategic move in a desperate, elev­enth-hour bid to save it.

While Oprah retains her title of CEO, it’s in name only, revealed the insider.

Oprah had exercised complete control over OWN since its launch in January 2011, and Discovery big­wigs supported her even as it turned into a financial disaster.

“They now realize that she was too inexperienced to run the net­work,” said the insider.

 “So she was stripped of her power. She’s no longer in a position to make executive decisions or hire staff without consulting top Discovery executives first.”

 After getting the bombshell news in a closed-door meeting, Oprah “came out feeling as if the wind had been knocked out of her,” said the insider.

 “For Oprah, this is a bitter personal failure and a devastating blow to her ego. The unexpected demotion has sent her into an emotional tailspin so severe that friends are deeply concerned for her. They fear it could trigger one of her drinking and eating binges.

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