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OK! Here we go! The new #LoveCapacity Quiz is in place on! When the website was launched for Valentine’s day we had 30,000 hits on the first day and over 60,000 hits in the first two weeks! Go to, take the quiz and get your #LoveCapacity Score in about 2 minutes! DO IT NOW! LOL!

We took that data, analyzed it, tweaked it and republished it! So far we have more women than men scoring 10s but we have a lot more women than men scoring 1s. Women have a greater capacity to feel love but they also have a greater capacity to feel pain. These early quiz results caused somewhat of an adjustment to the purpose of the Love Capacity Book & Quiz. (Love Capacity Book due out in August 2012.) The initial purpose of the #LoveCapacity Quiz was only to test one’s capacity to love, but now I know that I am also having to teach #LoveCapacity. Many people know how to give love. More people don’t know what love is.

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Before you even get started, I am telling you right now to stop thinking that you are going to automatically score a “10” on the #LoveCapacity Quiz! More than likely you will probably score around a “5”. You know why? Because statistics show that half of us are going to suffer through a divorce in our lifetime. The median score of “5” would reflect the successfulness rate of the current state of relationships. I still wish you luck though.

That being said, I created the quiz with the control in mind that I want women who have not been damaged from relationship disappointment to score a “10” on the quiz. I want men who have not been damaged from relationship disappointment to score at least a “7” on the quiz. Fellas, let’s be honest, the average woman knows more or is more concerned about love then the average man is. The initial interest that average woman has over the average man concerning love affords them a three point expectation increase in their #LoveCapacity Score. It became clear pretty quickly that the average woman and the average man have both suffered through some relationship disappointment. Early quiz results have shown that the “Love Capacity” of the average woman is 3. The “Love Capacity” of the average man is 4. Our relationships and marriages are in trouble!

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