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Written by Shamika Sanders

Via HelloBeautiful

While the rest of the world watched more important things, such as Rick Santorum on MSNBC, myself and a few other million people tuned in to “Basketball Wives.” I was totally bored with the episode until Evelyn Lozada’s conversation with her soon-to-be husband Chad Ochocinco struck a chord with my built-in “marriage monitor.” Most women have them, that little alarm that goes off in your head when “he’s the one,” or the tear that streams down your cheek when you’ve found the perfect wedding dress!

The same “marriage monitor” that sounded when Chrissy revealed that she didn’t care if she and Jim Jones, ever actually got married.

Evelyn told Chad that as long as he kept it real with her and informed her of his sexual rendezvous “outside” his and her relationship, she’d basically be able to deal.

Yeah…ladies, bad choice!

I understand that there are different rules for every relationship. What works for one couple probably…most-likely, doesn’t work for another, but is Evelyn selling her soul and most importantly, selling herself short, to be with Chad? We know, we know; athletes lead a certain life, they cheat! But what is the point of love, a relationship and marriage if one partner is sleeping with other people because he or she lacks the control to keep it in his or pants?

Would Chad allow Evelyn to cheat while he’s on the road? After all when he is apart from his bride, she is essentially lonely too…

Is it a good idea to give your partner the lead-way to go outside your marriage as long as they inform you of their infidelities? They are still infidelities none-the-less! Evelyn, we know you don’t have the best vagina in the world, neither do we but that doesn’t give your (soon-to-be) life partner the right to have sex with other women, or does it?

How do you feel about it?