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Via HelloBeautiful

Ashanti made an appearance this morning on “Good Morning America” to honor the late Whitney Houston while promoting her new album. *Sigh* Ashanti has sang Whitney’s “I Have Nothing” and “I Will Always Love You” before and received a standing ovation, so I guess she only thought it was right that she do it again. This time, it wasn’t so good. But the effort was endearing.

Here’s five things wrong with Ashanti’s tribute. Rest in peace Whitney. We love you.

1. The Look

What exactly are we going for here with that unibrow braid moment? Maybe Ashanti’s stylist got the memo that she would be singing “Queen of the Night.”

2. Let Me Clear My Throat

Ashanti gave us a good old fashioned “ahem” right into the microphone. Girl, didn’t you clear that throat and prep it before you were on stage with microphone in hand?

3. If I Don’t Have Shoes

I had to play this over at least five times to make sure I was hearing this right. Maybe Ashanti was trying to take a moment, but she definitely pronounced “you” as “shoe.” Smh. To hear that, fast forward to about 2:24 seconds in.

4. Pitch Imperfect

When Ashanti shifted from “I Have Nothing” into “I Will Always Love You,” she missed her note completely and started flat and never quite recovered. That note turned her tribute into a cringe worthy moment.

5. We Will Always Love Shoes

Ashanti did it again. She replaced the word “you” with “shoe.” Is this an artistic choice? I’m confused.

What did you think of Ashanti’s tribute to Whitney Houston?

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