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Cut out the soda to improve your smile, strengthen your bones, and more…

1. Increase Your Chance Of Obesity

The University of Texas Health Science Center published a study , stating: drinking one to two cans of soft drinks per day can increase chances of weight gain by 32.8 percent. Thinking diet pop is a solution? Nope. Researchers found the risk is even higher. The one or cans per day can increase by 54.5 percent. Some diet. Thus, pop without an excercise routine to burn off the excess, can cause an overwieght condition or even obesity.

2. Diabetes And Heart Disease

Soda can put you at risk for diabetes and heart disease. The American Heart Association’s publication Circulation found during a study conducted prior to 2007, that people who drink pop every day, either diet or regular, increased the risks of developing metabolic syndrome by as much as 44 percent. This condition helps to greatly increase the chances of several heart diseases and diabetes.

3. Environmental Concerns

Most people still do not recycle their bottles and cans. The sad fact is an estimated 50 billion aluminum cans and plastic bottles from soft drinks still get thrown into landfills every year. And recycling doesn’t let you off the hook either, the containers are still energy-intensive to mine, produce, and recycle. Though if you recycled our products personally, cans in a cuppola furnace, and the polystyrene is easily shredded and melted back to a usable product via simple injection molding techniques.

4. The Diuretic Factor

Still feel thirsty? Pop is likely to make you even more thirsty. Caffeine is a diuretic which is designed to remove water from your body. Besides that, most of us don’t realize that sugars of any kind block absorption of liquids back into your body. Then, sugars turn into methanol in your system, then from methanol to formaldehyde, which is a naturally occuring chemical in your body, but in extremely small amounts.If your body makes more than it’s supposed to, it becomes hazardous to your system, and like I said it doesn’t take much. Water is the fuel of choice, but herbal teas and fruit juices are good options.

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