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Where do I begin..

If you caught the last episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” then you saw the horrible segment where Sheree faced off with her ex-husband in court over child support. Since Sheree got served by Bob (who’s an ex-football player and represented himself) she decided that she needed a way to get rid of Phaedra as her attorney, without hurting her feelings and ruining their friendship. Luckily for Sheree, Phaedra wasn’t too pleased with the way Sheree did business (i.e. dodging her when it was time to cut the check), so the ladies decided to part ways as business partners for the sake of their friendship. Whew. One less beef we have to worry about between these housewives.

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Moving on to Kim, who’s been pretty absent from the other housewives this season since she’s been focusing on her new man, new baby and now, her new house. She’s hired a celebrity interior designer to whip her new mansion into shape, but only gave her a few days to do it. “Good luck b****” is the only encouraging words Kim has for the poor girl, because if you know Kim, you know everything has to be perfect and in tip-top shape. When the day comes for them to move into their new house, everything is a surprise – including KJ’s nursery. When the rooms are finally unveiled to them, they can’t help but to be surprised and even shed a few tears. Must be nice living that large! Congrats to Kim, Kroy, and Kim’s wigs (who rode in car seats the whole way to their new house). Kudos!

After a lot of drama, mistakes and almost missing the deadline to mail out the invitations, Cynthia is ready for the grand opening of her “Bailey Agency School of Fashion.” Only problem is, she’s invited everybody to the party. Yes, everybody including Kim and Nene.  Sheree shows up complaining about how hot it is (what is up with Peter and Cynthia’s dislike for air conditioning?)

Marlo and Kandi have their words when Kandi questions Marlo on how she made her money, basically trying to insinuate that she gets with wealthy men who make her rich. Marlo hits back by saying that Kandi is basically like a big mama, who takes care of men and gives them whatever they want. Marlo kept saying that she doesn’t have a “big poppa” which seems like a direct diss to Kim (at least to me). “Marlo got her money from God? No, b****, God gave you a hole to make your money from,” Kim says in her confessional about Marlo.

After a while, Kim seems over it and her and Kroy politely make their grand exit. I suppose you’re wondering what Nene was doing during this whole argument. Well, surprisingly, Nene didn’t have much to say about the situation except for the little snickers and smiles she did in the corner.

What do you think about this new chick Marlo??

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