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Alex Young’s life has been filled with showbiz. As a regular on Sesame Street, Alex became a stage professional before she was 10 years old. She even scored a job as the face of the “Hush Puppies,” a popular kids shoe brand. By 14, she was fully in love with another part of the business – music. After releasing her first album, Amazing, on her own, Alex is ready to give us something more, something funkier. “Don’t Play With Me” is the latest single of her new EP to be released Spring 2012.

This pop/dance singer is going to take the music industry by storm as she preps to be the opening act for “Mr. F**k You” himself, Cee Lo Green later this month in Florida at Mahaffey Theater. She’s not stopping there. The beautiful young songstress is also allowing her creativity to flow into clothing as she creates her own line, “A Young Rose.” Alex took some time out of her jam-packed schedule to chat with HelloBeautiful about how she got her start, her sound and what two artists you could put together to create her.

How did you end up making a career of singing?

Singing has always been a passion of mine, since before I could remember. My parents are both really involved in the arts. I’d been exposed to a wide variety of music and had a love for it. I wanted to pursue it.

So how did it switch from musicals and school plays to wanting to be a recording artist?

I recorded my first song in the studio in response to 9/11. My dad was at the World Trade Center when the planes struck. I wanted to create a song so I combined three different patriotic songs together and I put it out there. It was a great experience for me. All of the proceeds went to the fire department and it got picked up by Z100 and was played for three years in a row. That compelled me to make my album. It had nothing to do with September 11, but it started me on the path.

What‘s your sound like?

It’s pop/dance. I just love upbeat, fun, spirited music that you can get up and dance to and have a great time with. My newest single is called “Don’t Play With Me” (listen & download below) and I incorporated funk sounds, which I love. I’m working on my EP now that will be released early spring 2012, so I’m excited about that. My first album Amazing is on iTunes and I had such a great time [recording that]. I’d met such great people with great vibes and the word “amazing” kept coming up through the process, so I named it that as an homage to everyone I worked with.

What helps you stand out amongst the other pop and dance singers?

High energy, dancing, interacting with my audience and fun vocals that I love doing. I hope that sets me apart.

Why should we listen?

I think anyone that wants to have a good time and listen to something fun and upbeat, they’ll love listening. I hope you do!

What do you have coming up?

I’m working on my show. I will be opening for Cee Lo Green in Florida on December 28. I’m very excited. I love his music and he’s an awesome artist. The entire show is actually choreographed by an amazing girl, Sheryl Murakami. She just won a VMA for choreographing Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls0” video. She’s also worked with Lady Gaga. I’m glad to have her aboard.

What two artists can you put together to create you?

Aaliyah and Kylie Minogue.

Check out Alex’s new video “Don’t Play With Me” below and click here for an exclusive free download of the song.