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Another day, another fight. Actually, I think this is the same, ongoing fight from the first week’s episode: Chrissy VS Yandy/Kimbella/Mama Jones. Chrissy is still upset at Yandy for managing Mama Jones and referring to her clients i.e. Jimmy as her “checks”. I can’t say that I blame her for being upset though. If all Yandy cares about is money and not the wellbeing of her clients, that could pose a potential problem.

Olivia and Somaya still have their “issues” but Somaya tries to make peace with Olivia by thanking her for attending her showcase. Olivia tells Somaya that she was forced to attend, but says you’re welcome and accepts Somaya’s peace offering: a pair of heels with her face on the bottom. (No comment).

“It’s like she’s holding on to this imaginary grudge,” Somaya says. “Get over it!”

Yeah, even I don’t know what these two are beefing over anymore, I think I lost track!

This week, Emily is all about moving on and finding herself. She introduces us to her friend, Teairra Mari, who is trying to help her build herself back up and move on from her past with Fab. Emily says she would rather focus on her new home than finding a new man.

Emily, Teairra and Somaya head to a party which just so happens to be a party for Kimbella honoring her for making the cover of Black Mens Magazine. Apparently, neither Kimbella nor Emily new the other one was coming and when they saw each other at the party, tensions rose high. Emily decides to be the bigger person, (kind of) and makes a toast to Kimbella, “A toast to you, Kimbella, for making the cover, you are the most qualified. You’ve had the most black men in you, including mine.”


But Emily, being the sweet girl she is, felt bad about her comment and then walked away after saying it. Well, it was good for the moment!

And now, back to Chrissy. After starting drama between Jimmy and Yandy after telling Jimmy that Yandy only cared about the money, Yandy decided that she needed a weekend vacation from everything and decided to avoid all phone calls from Jimmy which caused him to miss out on a show that would have paid him $25,000.

After Yandy and Jimmy have their choice words, Chrissy and Yandy have theirs. Chrissy calls Yandy out on the “mother-in-law” book she gave her on the previous episode and the disrespect she felt that came with it, bringing Kimbella into their clique and then dancing to Mama Jones’ song in her face at Somaya’s show. When Yandy doesn’t have anything of substance to come back with, Chrissy storms out yelling, “God can’t get me to walk back here and talk to you!”

And the plot thickens.

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