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Last night was a super chill episode of “Real Housewives Of Atlanta.” Nene, Cynthia and Kandi decide to take a break from all of the “haters” in Atlanta and go on a relaxing vacation to Miami. They all agree that they are going to try and help Kandi find a man in Miami but the only problem is that they went during “lesbian weekend” and can’t seem to find a man in sight. That doesn’t stop the girls from having fun however. They sip on cocktails, play frisbee on the beach and discuss just how very rich Nene is.

Phaedra is still pursuing her passion of owning a funeral home, and she meets with an owner of a funeral home to get some of the logistics of the job. She even tries to recruit her husband, Apollo, into the business because she thinks that owning a family funeral  home will be a good investment for their newborn son, Aiden, to take over once he’s a little older. Apollo doesn’t seem to warm up too well to the idea of owning a family funeral home, and I couldn’t blame him. It’s all just a little creepy.

Kroy and Sweetie are planning Kim’s surprise birthday party which is a little hard considering she is super pregnant and needs attention 24/7. They are successful at getting Kim out of the house for a substantial amount of time and allowing all the guest to arrive to surprise her with cake, balloons and cocktails (virgin ones of course). They seem to be having a great time until the conversation switches to Nene all her riches. They discover the Nene has gotten into it with basically every Atlanta housewife including Dwight and all of her cast-mates on “Celebrity Apprentice”.  I guess Nene could be considered the common denominator in all of the drama that’s occurred in the past couple years… but just like Sheree said, “She needs to humble yourself because just as fast as you go up, you can go down… Just like a stripper pole!”

Next week’s episode looks INTENSE! Kim’s baby shower and the husbands get into a little scuffle. Can’t wait to watch!

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