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Now that the temperature is gradually beginning to drop as the days are becoming shorter, I inexplicably find myself sitting in front of the television a lot more than usual. I actually became quite shocked last weekend when I noticed that I was suddenly paying an abnormal amount of attention to the commercials being aired.  Who does that? Most people don’t care about commercial breaks, with the exception of those aired during big events like the Super Bowl or NBA All-Star game. We generally prefer to use them as the perfect opportunity to catch a restroom break and/or refill the cocktails of choice.

But strangely enough, I took note to the fact that there was definitely some action going down inside of what Chuck Woolery famous referred to as the “two and two.”  What, you ask? Simply put, the men! It was actually athletes’ endorsements that really caught my eye during the onslaught of commercials being played between game action. I took this as a sign of some much-needed inspiration that lead to my desire to break it down for readers.

Check out this short list of top athlete commercials presently in rotation. If you’re seeing what I’m seeing, then you can thank me when you’re done.

1) Calvin Johnson Acura commercial. Calvin Johnson is having one sensational year, perhaps his best since entering the league in 2007. His team, the Detroit Lions, are playing amazing right now (5-1) record, a first in all of our lifetimes. The All-Pro star receiver is making headlines with his jaw-dropping catches every week. But what the headlines don’t talk about until now the Acura commercial that is presently in rotation. I’d be remiss not to bring his appearance to your attention. There’s something about the strong, silent type stripped down to his boxer briefs that will make any woman in her right mind take notice. The icing on the cake was the commercial ending with him in a very well-tailored suit-shirt-tie combo. Proper! Talk about aggression in its most elegant form?! Where can I sign up?


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