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Beyonce’s “fake” baby bump is still the most-talked about topic in this office, as well as on Wendy Williams’ show. We’re not the only one’s wondering why Bey’s belly collapsed, how far along she is, or if she’s really pregnant at all.

Ever the investigator, Wendy recently did a segment on her talk show called the “Beyoncé Pregnancé Conspiracé.” She not only gave her 5 theories for the fake belly, but also got two of her pregnant staffers to sit down to show how it’s really done!

Here are her thoughts:

1. The baby is helping Beyonce’s sagging recording career.

2. Beyonce’s pregnancy is a way of keeping Jay-Z’s alleged mistress away.

3. Beyonce is trying to keep up with the (alleged) woman in Trinidad with a 10-year-old son by Jay-Z.

4. Beyonce’s using a surrogate so she can maintain her body.

5. They’re adopting but they’re going to play it off like they gave birth.

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