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The recent NFL lockout might have been the best thing to happen to women this summer. Why, you ask? Scared that the sanctity of their NFL game days would be stolen away this year, the labor strike gave men something to obsess over for four months as they imagined life with no NFL. At the rate things were going, they were destined to begin suffering a chronic case of withdrawal symptoms reminiscent of Pookie in New Jack City. That’s not a good look by any means.

But guess what? The NFL owners and players had too much money to lose by not playing the games and the two parties resolved their labor issues right on time. And for football fans, the four-day frenzy that followed felt like a holiday blowout sale at Macy’s. Players were swapping teams faster than Nikki Minaj changes wig colors. Free agents were in get money mode and the public was on NFL overload. Crisis averted. Football was back and men everywhere were ecstatic. But what about the ladies?

The thing about all sports, particularly football, is that while you might not know all the rules or team details, there is usually something there that will hold your attention. Once you figure it out, you’ll love the drama that sports can provide. It’s the ultimate in reality TV. Sometimes you just need a little guidance in finding the right story lines. That’s where I come in. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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