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Monica and Shannon Brown’s wedding ceremony went down last weekend. And though the couple secretly got married in private last year, the recent celebration included all their friends and family, like Ciara, Lala, Kobe Bryant and LL Cool J.

The usually private singer allowed only the Insider’s cameras, and host Kevin Frazier, into her wedding for an exclusive interview and sneak peek.

I was watching the ceremony and you were talking to Shannon, what were you talking about?

You couldn’t hear us, right? He asked me, was I his forever, and I answered. And a lot of other stuff, good stuff, I’m glad you couldn’t hear.

What this what you dreamed of or did it exceed your expectations?

It exceeded my expectations. I wanted it to be something that I would enjoy, but also our families. And I wanted us to be uplifted, uplifted in Christ, uplifted in family… And making sure everything feels good; somethings are just about the feeling and for it all to take place like that, I’m just excited… So many amazing things were happening here tonight. My 3-year-old son just literally takes over, which he does at home, so I was glad people got a chance to see how it really is, take a peek inside our lives and our love.

That dress and that train! You had your hands full when you were coming down the aisle. What was that like, that moment, that walk? Because I saw you midway through, like “Whew!”

The ‘whew!’ was looking at my husband. I didn’t think about the dress. I mean, I went to Paris. Stephen Rolland created my dress and my reception dress as well, and I cried when I first saw it, but once I saw my kids go down and I looked up and I saw him, I saw all my girlfriends, everybody that meant something to us was in one place. I was just overwhelmed so I’m glad because I didn’t think about this 50lb train that I was dragging behind me. I just had to take a deep breath, because I was really trying not to cry.

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