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NEW YORK — Many states are banning abortion after the 20th week, possibly changing the landscape of the Supreme Court decision of Roe V. Wade.

Alabama, Kansas, Idaho, Indiana and Oklahoma have passed laws banning abortion with the new limitation, based on the theory that the fetus can feel pain at the 20-week stage of pregnancy. That theory disputes previous contentions set by the Supreme Court that abortions cannot be banned until the fetus becomes viable, around the 24th week.

The law could significantly impact African-Americans in two of the aforementioned states, Alabama and Indiana, where the abortion rate sits around 56 percent and 28 percent respectfully, according to State Health Facts.

The law has been used as a litmus test by some Republican presidential candidates, excluding Mitt Romney and Herman Cain, who have been criticized by conservatives and pro-life advocates.



Black Women Once Again Targeted Pro Lifers

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