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I have a greater expectation of man than man has for himself. This expectation is the foundation of my principle that “All marriages and relationships are either successful or they fail based solely on the leadership of men.” Having said that, let’s talk about some of the stupid questions that women ask first!!!!

“Stupid Questions That Women Ask Men”

Where is this relationship going? – When was the last time that you were going somewhere and you didn’t know where you were going? THE RELATIONSHIP IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE! You don’t have to ask that to know, you knew that already and that’s why you are asking.

At what point do you think you will be ready for a commitment? – It does not matter when he is going to be ready, you are ready now. Chances are he won’t be ready for a relationship until you are ready to be single.

What made you chose her? Why her? Who is she? – He chose her because he knew that you would wait on him while he was with her. She wouldn’t wait. He is also with her because she is not the type of woman to ask questions like this.

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I have wanted to write about the “Stupid Questions That Men Ask Women” for a while but I have been busy. Every day I hear scenarios from both men and women where the man is asking the woman what she wants to do about the relationship knowing full well that she wants to do whatever he wants to do. I talk to numerous women who are in the mist of making a decision to stay or go and are indecisive because they are trying to appear indifferent. Too often, I talk to women who say, “If he wants to work it out, we can work it out. If he does not want to work it out then we both can move on now.” We are going to talk about the Grown Man here in a second, but Grown Woman, be grown! Be grown enough to say to your man, “I love you and I want our relationship to work!” It is perfectly fine to say what you want, but it is not fine to stay when you don’t get what you want. Remember my principle for single women is to Date More & Leave Earlier!

At no point is a woman to ask a man what the current status is of the relationship. To be clear, let me rephrase: At no point is a woman to ask a man what the current status is of the relationship.


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