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I used to not believe the old saying that “money makes you look better.” But lately I’ve been reflecting back on what some of our favorite celebs used to look like opposed to what they look like now and I’m starting to really agree with that phrase.

When you look at old celebs like Jamie Foxx back when he had the juicy curl and the country gap, Ne-yo with the alfalfa part in his zesty high school Glamour shot pictures and lil John where I honestly can’t decipher if he looks better then or now. Other celebs that seemed to had looked after before they “got back to the money” are Drake, Kanye West, Lebron James, Ice Cube and many many more. One thing is for certain, these celebs upgraded like all hell when they got a little money though.

It seems as though however, with all the expensive clothing, bling-bling, personal trainers, veneer, spa treatments and whatever else it takes to make these stars look like they do now they have made somewhat of a come-up in the looks department. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that money isn’t the only answer to these celebrity come-ups though, they do say age does the body good so that could also be the reason. I’m not hating nor complaining though, I’d probably look like a million bucks too if I had it!

Check out these celeb photos in the gallery below and let me know if you think, does money really make you look better?

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