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“Finally it happened to me. Right in front of my face my feeling’s can’t describe it.”

Remember 90s singer Cece Peniston? Put it this way, youngsters. If you were looking for a party then she had the hits. Cece was the gorgeous woman who brought the fun.

Check out three questions with Cece Peniston and find out what she’s been up to.

Abiola Abrams: Hey, Lady Cece! We hope that life is good for you. Please tell us about your most recent musical album.

Cece Peniston: It will show the growth but it is in the dance vein cause what is better than a dance diva doing dance. I think people will find that with the sound of the music I still want to get people on their feet to have a good time. I’m doing more modern stuff too I’m working with Paul Okenfold, and Junior Sanchez,  and Laid Back Luke.

Abiola: Sounds great. Now, Cece, you were candid enough to share your very personal story about having body sculpting in the press. How has your life been since that process?

Cece Peniston: (laughs) If I didn’t share it someone will find out anyway. I wasn’t ashamed because it was a way for me to improve my look and it is so talked about now that it is no big deal. The thing I liked about the process is that is makes me more accountable to myself and to my body about what I’m eating. It’s a lifestyle change. I love the results and I’m glad I did it.

Abiola: Fabulous! Congrats. Last question. What inspires you, diva?

Cece Peniston: I’m inspired by life moments, dreaming and the possibility of. I’m inspired by love and friends. Many things inspire me but mostly love. I’m a very sentimental person and sometimes its the smallest things that inspire me. Sometimes it a word a smile or a gesture.

Abiola: Thanks for sharing. Keep being fab and we look forward to the music.


Abiola Abrams, the love journalist and lifestyle passionista, is an author and broadcaster based in NYC. Find all the good stuff at . Follow her on facebook and twitter @abiola; plus find Abiola talking about lifestyle, celebrities, relationships and more on BBC Radio where she is an outspoken international entertainment correspondent.

What’s CeCe Peniston Up To These Days?

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