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Every woman has at least one favorite mannerism about a guy that automatically moves him on your “he could get it” list. Whether it be a certain feature in his physical or a certain mannerism he does one thing is for sure, and that is that “that thing” alone is liable to leave your mind running rampant just thinking about what’s going on in his head. I’m sorry to let you know but ladies we all have a favorite “thing” a guy (especially if he’s nice on the eyes) does that instantly makes us melt inside. Check out 9 simple things men do that some women find sexy below:

9. The “LL” factor. You know what I’m talking about ladies, that certain way he licks his lips that makes you look to the right and arch your left eyebrow ’cause you’re left speechless. I really need for you to feel me on this one ladies, I cannot be the only one that silently goes crazy inside for the “LL” factor. I just can’t.

8. Dark eyes and long lashes. This one may sound a little metro-sexual but in my opinion there is just something about a guy with a beautiful set of thick, long, full lashes and deep dark brown eyes that seem to tell their own story. Nice eyes and nice lashes can make up for guys that have that “rough around the edges” look to them, it tends to soften them up a bit.

7. The eyebrow raise. The eyebrow raise is inevitable, you can’t look past it and you can’t escape it. It lingers in your mind leaving you wondering what the hell that meant, was he suggesting something? What was he thinking about when he did it? And Damn, was that sexy! Ladies, try as you might but you will surely fail against the battle of the eyebrow arch, this always leaves an imprint in your mind, always has and always will.

6. The way he wears his clothes. Now fellas, take notes because this one directly applies to YOU. It is NOT and NEVER was attractive to sag. I repeat fellas, it is not and never was attractive to sag. Now it’s a certain point where a man’s pants should fall where it’s actually sexy. Then it’s a certain point where a man’s pants should not fall, and that borders somewhere along the lines of a Soulja Boy extra tall Tee, trash bag baggy jeans sag past his knees type sag.  That fellas, is not even almost cute. Pull it up and find that balance to where it’s just right. Hint: Personally, I like to be able to just see the label of the boxers and no further then that, but that’s just me.

5. Good hygiene. There really isn’t much else to elaborate on this on as it should be something every man AND woman already achieved and should strive for, not only that but good hygiene is an automatic plus for anybody.

4. Back Muscles. This is a good one because it is not emphasizing you to be relatively swole or anything, just have a nice muscular back.

3. The Ken-doll slits. If you are clueless as to what this is please refer to D’Angelo’s “Untitled” video and look down….until you can’t look down anymore, once you see the two slits making a “v”before the pelvic region, you’ve found the ken-doll slits. This is sexy just because I view it as a PG-13 preview of what’s to come.

2. Intelligence without arrogance. Intelligence is sexy only when the guy’s not attempting to belittle you or be arrogant in the process. It’s extremely sexy when a man knows how to maintain his intelligence without riding a high horse in the process.

1. Aura. I would’ve said swagger if it wasn’t so abused in these last couple of years. Aura is something like when Morris Chestnut first walks on the screen in “The Best Man,” just that confidence and slight cockiness where it’s just enough to command the attention of an entire room, both men and women is one of the top sexiest things. Even if you’re not that physically attractive if you have that aura you’ve already gained her attention.

Now that you’ve seen 9 of the things some women find sexy in a man it’s your turn!

Ladies what are 9 simple things about men that you tend to find sexy?

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