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Albany, GA – Dear Mr. RelationshipBeast you should do a topic on sex in the marriage. A lot of my married potnahs have been complaining about the lack of sex in their marriage.

In the book “Men Don’t Heal, We Ho” on Page 158 the author says this:

“If you can’t have sex with your husband twice a week you really don’t deserve a faithful husband. You should be banned from getting married. Wives should have to sign something stating that they understand sex twice a week is mandatory. We are talking about the bare minimum here, folks. Twice a week is baseline. That’s easy. Even the bad hus­bands should get sex twice a week. “

– The author goes hard throughout the entire book.

Savannah, GA – Dear Mr. RelationshipBeast the communication between me and my husband is horrible. We are not friends, half the time I think we don’t like each other. There has been infidelity on his part. I caught my husband at the hotel with this woman and it crushed me wholeheartedly. My self esteem dropped because I felt I wasn’t good enough for him and I’m the mother of his three children. Any advice on how we can save our marriage ?

All marriages can be saved. All. I no longer believe in divorce. Divorce is not an option. You have to forgive him. Forgiveness is not an option. When you agree to marry a person what you are really saying is that you love them enough that you can forgive them when they make a mistake. If he has apologized for his mistake, if you are confident that he won’t make the same mistake again, if he agrees to get counseling, forgiveness from you should be a guarantee. You cannot do anything or go anywhere in a marriage without forgiveness. If you cannot forgive, get a divorce because if you are unhappy now, get use to it because your marriage is going to stay just like it is today.

Once you forgive him, you will start to regain your self esteem. Then you have to heal. Heal yourself. You have survived the worst part so now it’s about being the best wife in the world. You are to be the best wife in the world regardless of how good or bad your husband is. I am not saying that he deserves the best wife, I am saying that you promised him the best wife when you said “I Do”. He can’t heal you, he can only apologize.

After you have learned how to forgive, gained back your self esteem and healed the final step is making a commitment to re-learn your spouse. He has changed, so have you. You can do it! Best of luck to you. All of these things that I am telling you to do, he has to do the same. We have to save our marriages!

Washington DC – Dear Mr. RelationshipBeast I am 31 and the man I am seeing is 42. Although we’ve never been on date we have had sex and . . . STOP RIGHT THERE! It don’t even matter what else you have to say.

When I was pimping, and I had been pimping, since pimping been pimping, if I hit it before I spent money on you then you would NEVER EVER see my greenbacks! My house or yours from then on. I would stop off on the way to your house and GET ME A BURGER! It’s like you let me drive off the car lot with a Bentley and you didn’t check my credit and you let me put zero down! (It is a Bentley right or is it like a Beetle? A Ford Escape? Hyundai?) From that point on your relationship (B.K.A your meetings for sex) was doomed.

Ya got to value yourself more. It starts with you. If you don’t value yourself more, why should he? If you don’t value yourself than that means that no one in the relationship (B.K.A your meetings for sex) values you. You have self esteem problems because you don’t love you. You want someone else to love you before you love yourself. It don’t work like that. Get up right now and go look in the mirror and point at that chick and tell her that you love her. Right now. GO! I’ll wait. I got some more questions to work on anyway. You need to read my responses to all questions. Matter of fact you need to read everything thing I have ever wrote. EVER!

Detroit, MI Dear Mr. RelationshipBeast . . . we got into an argument and he beat the crap out of me . . . . . . STOP RIGHT THERE! It don’t even matter what else you have to say.


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