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After several weeks of being out and about in Nairobi, Kenya, I must admit that original and unique fashion is sorely lacking. Now don’t get me wrong, the citizens of Nairobi are stylish — but in the way that anyone who clicks on a blog or cracks open a magazine is stylish: Skinny jeans? Check. Wedge sandals? Check. Neon nail polish? Check.

In other words they’ve got the fashion basics down, but when it comes to “edgy” trendsetting style, I honestly have yet to see much here. On top of this, there is a serious lust for all things Western in terms of musical influence on fashion (think more hip-hop, then Lady Gaga) which causes a bit of a “blank” when seeking out traditional African fashion.

Here are a few stylish Kenyans that were kind enough to let me snap a few razzle-dazzle photos of them!

Let’s Keep This Fashionship Going….


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