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NEW YORK– CNN anchor Don Lemon talks about how his life has changed since he revealed that he was gay, in a recent interview with

Lemon, who revealed that he was gay in his new memoir “Transparent”, received a mixture of support and backlash.  The anchor says he was “surprised” by how much support he received from the African-American community though, and said he was “grateful” for it.

Black women are saying the same thing about me as they are saying about black men dating white women, I stand by that. All you have to do is read the blogs or go listen to the radio shows I’ve been on. When I’ve been on black radio shows [the subject of black women] inevitably comes up every single time. When I sit on white radio shows or have been interviewed by journalists who are not of color, it never comes up. So I know it’s something that we need to talk about. I am a black person! Let’s not forget that, and I know what it’s like to be a black person, I know what our issues are.



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