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Actor Richard T. Jones, star of the “Why Did I Get Married” films and “The Wood,” gave possibly the worst commencement speech ever last week while at the University of Maryland University College. It is not uncommon for celebs to be asked to speak words of encouragement to graduating seniors, but it seems Jones couldn’t live up to the hype.

It’s not that he wasn’t prepared – he was – but, unfortunately, all his predecessors took the words right out of his mouth:

“Wow! I had this great speech ready for you guys and then you put me behind a bunch of doctors. You put an actor…behind a bunch of doctors…and then they said everything I wanted to say so I figure I’ll keep talking until I say something. I had such great analogies. I had such great quotes…And every one was used already. I’m glad I looked up a word called improv because that is what is going to happen here.”

We kind of feel bad for the guy. This has to be every commencement speakers worst nightmare.

Anyone want to count how many times he says “thought”?

Begins at the 3:00 mark.

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