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There are so many tall tales and myths that have been told throughout the years about how to prevent pregnancy and how to conceive. These myth’s may be one of the many reasons why there are so many unwanted pregnancies that affect the socioeconomic status of our communities.  It is important that you know the facts, especially if you are sexually active and do not wish to become pregnant or catch a scary disease. Here are 6 myths cleared up:

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1. You can’t get pregnant having sex on your period – Since sperm can live up to 5 days in a woman’s body, it is possible to become pregnant while your monthly ‘friend’ is visiting. Lots of women believe that they cannot get pregnant during the first or last part of menstruation and this is untrue. However, you are more likely to become pregnant mid-cycle.

2. You can’t get pregnant if he pulls out before he ejaculates – This is one of the oldest and most popularly believed widespread myths of all time. But sorry, Yes, you can get pregnant, even if your partner pulls out before ejaculation. This is because during vaginal sex, a small amount of lubricating fluid, aka ‘pre cum’, that contains sperm is usually released. Any penetration by the man’s penis can result in pregnancy, even when he always pulls out.

3. You can’t get pregnant if you are too old – Some women believe that because the older they get and the less fertile feel they are, so they can’t get pregnant. While this many be partly true, as long as you are having periods, you can become pregnant! A person’s age alone won’t prevent them from becoming pregnant.

4. You can’t get pregnant or get STD’s when you are on the pill – While it’s true that the pill is an an effective method of birth control when used properly, there is a small chance that a woman can still get pregnant while on it. About 1 out of 100 women become pregnant while taking the pill as directed and about 8 out of 100 become pregnant that don’t always take the pill as directed. The pill does not protect anyone against HIV/AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases.

5. You can’t get pregnant if you’ve only had unprotected sex once – Whether it’s your first time or your thousandth time having unprotected sex, all it takes is that one time to catch STD’s or become pregnant. Don’t allow others to mislead you into believing that there is no real harm in having raw sex, because there are some unpleasant or even deadly consequences to that one choice.

6. You can’t get pregnant if you are breastfeeding your baby – Well you’ve obviously just had a baby if you are breastfeeding so this why you think you can’t get knocked up again. But while ovulation and menstruation are not likely to happen while you are regularly breastfeeding your baby, eventually menstruation will return and you may ovulate without knowing it. So, yes it is possible to become pregnant while still breastfeeding your child.

7. You can’t get pregnant if you douche or shower after having sex – Vaginal douching, or taking baths or showers after sexual intercourse, will do nothing to help prevent pregnancy. That’s because the sperm has already traveled up towards the egg.

If you are sexually active, do yourself a favor and protect yourself each and every time you have vaginal, anal and oral sex. Even if this means saying no to someone you care about – it’s your best bet to avoid sleeping with anyone who is careless in the bedroom.  A person that is careless with you is most likely careless with others. No glove, no love! And always remember, the only 100 percent foolproof method of preventing an unwanted pregnancy or STDs is abstinence.

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