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We were first introduced to Angela Simmons as Rev Run’s daughter and one-half of the inspiring Simmons sisters, but we wanted to get to know her on an individual level. We’ve recently seen her take a stand in her own spotlight as a budding fashionista, socialite and fan favorite on Twitter, but in this exclusive interview she lets us know the biggest difference between her and her sister, how she keeps her shape in tact, and what’s in her bag.

But first, let’s talk business. Pastry is well into its fourth year and, never ones to disappoint, the ladies are always developing new items to add to the brand. Most recently? A new line of sneakers. “We have the Sires out, they’re high-tops that come in neon colors, and they’re doing really well.”

But Pastry is doing more than just dressing young girls, it’s taking over their favorite childhood doll in a partnership with Mattel. “We’ve developed ‘So In Style’ Barbies and they’re dressed in all Pastry clothing and sneakers. They don’t look like us, but our faces are on the box on a pocketbook that the Barbie is holding.”

Each of the four dolls has their own personality, as evident in their attire, but what’s the biggest difference between Angela and her older sister Vanessa? “She’s more conservative. I’m a little ‘out there,’ not in a bad way, but I like to have fun. She’s older than me, too, so she’s now more reserved.”

And we all know that Barbie’s don’t exactly promote the healthiest body image, so how does Angela dress for her petite, but curvy shape? “I stay in pretty fitted clothes because anything overly baggy makes me look bigger. But being comfortable with my body came with taking care of myself, age, and working out. When I can’t work out, it drives me crazy.”

So what’s the busiest businesswoman under 25 do to relax? “Sometimes I don’t know the difference between the week and the weekend. I kick back when I can and go to church on Sunday. And I’m in a nail salon every 2 to 3 days.”

And check out our exclusive interview with Vanessa Simmons here: Vanessa Simmons Dishes On Hating Her Prom, Fighting & Twitter Beef With Natalie Nunn

And now for the “Same 5 Questions We Always Ask”:

What’s in your bag?

Hand sanitizer, lotion (because your hands might be ashy), cocoa butter and my phones; I’ve got one of each, a Blackberry and an iPhone.

If you were forced to get a tattoo, what would it be of?

Something on my shoulder. I’ve been thinking about it, getting words that are meaningful to me. I have like 7, but they’re all pretty much in hidden places. I have a tattoo on my head so at this point, I don’t think anything will hurt. It’s on the back of my head, higher up so I had to shave hair to do it.

What’s your vice and where do you go to get it?

Sweet potato fries from Toast in LA.

What’s one urge you get but never act on?

Once in awhile I want dessert, like chocolate, but I’ll pass on that.

When was the last time you cried?

Out of happiness, when my dad gave me my dog. That was so long ago though, like 5 years. Usually only my dad can do that.

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