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Grammy-winning rapper/actor Ludacris who teamed up with Trojan Magnum condoms to help launch a safe sex campaign and nationwide search to give deserving young artists a shot at stardom, sat down with me to talk about the project.

Ludacris:     Hey Abiola, what’s going on?

Abiola:     Hey Luda.  I am really really excited to talk to you about this mission. Safe sex is a critical issue. Tell our Hello Beautiful readers all about your collabo with Trojan Magnum Condoms Live Large project.

Ludacris:    Well, I can definitely say that I have been a huge fan and supporter of the project for quite some time.  Like you said just being safe is an extremely necessary part of living and I think that is extremely important so with that being said, this was of course about being safe but also in giving a few out there a chance of becoming an artist and to see that they can also live by the gold standard I like to say.

Abiola:    The gold standard.  Yes. That is exactly what we’ve been talking about  with our safe sex pledge and movement  on my web series at Explain to readers what you mean and how your hip hop emcee contest works.

Ludacris:    Exactly. I am sure you have heard about the contest and everything that is going on and giving people a chance not only online but around the country to show what they have and their skills. Download from– we have different beats and everything is all geared up for this.  You would win five thousand dollar prize, a trip to Miami, and a chance to perform on stage at Spring Fest, 2011, which is coming up soon.  So, it is really just getting the excitement out there and letting people know.  I remember being a young and hungry emcee and wishing for opportunities like this and to team up with Magnum is just great.  It is a lifestyle and it is a great thing.

Abiola:    It is a lifestyle, Luda. Well said. Have you been already listening to the rap entries.  Is the “next big thing,” as Magnum would say, out there?

Ludacris:    Maybe it is more of a screening process for them, but I guess you can say tonight, I am actually in New York City . This is the last time of all the local places because we went to San Francisco, we went to Detroit and went to Miami and tonight apart from the people who can post their stuff online, it will be the last actual show where all the MC’s in New York will be able to perform.

Abiola:    Why is the safe sex movement and condom awareness important to you, Luda?

Ludacris:    You know for me obvious reasons but to protect yourself from definitely STD’s and there’s lots of teenage pregnancies going on so you have to protect yourself and you have to be safe.  You definitely want to make sure you are on top of your game and stay focused and you need to stay safe.

Abiola:    Well Luda, it has been great talking to you.

Ludacris:    Appreciate it, Abiola, and definitely tell everybody out there to stay safe.

Abiola:    Absolutely. Give us the websites and the information one more time. There may be some aspiring female rappers reading this who want to enter and diversify your competition.

Ludacris:  It will be top four emcees that are on there and when they submit entries will get five thousand dollars and a trip to Miami at the Sands to perform live on stage at the Spring Fest in Miami this coming up in April.  So make sure you check it out.

Abiola Abrams, known as the Lifestyle Passionista is a love journalist and MTV Made Ladies Man Coach and BBC Entertainment Correspondent. Find her weekly web TV series, the audio of her full interview with Ludacris on her award-winning blog at and take her official Safe Sex Pledge as she gears up for July 4th, 2011, which she has declared the first ever National Safe Sex Day.

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