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Gilbert Arenas already faces a difficult week ahead, with his sentencing for felony gun possession set for Friday. But Arenas’s troubles were magnified recently, when he discovered that his estranged mother, Mary Francis Robinson, died in Miami.

Robinson passed away on March 13, but Arenas didn’t find out until a few days later, according to multiple sources. The cause of her death is not known.

Arenas wasn’t close to his mother, who abandoned him at young age and left him to be raised by his father, Gilbert Sr., from the time that he was 3. Arenas met his mother only once in the past 25 years. In his second season with the Golden State Warriors, Robinson approached him after a game in Miami. Although he has not been in communication with Robinson, Arenas paid for her funeral expenses.

Arenas is said to be distraught over her death. Arenas said he never held any animosity toward his mother, but his one encounter is believed to have traumatized him. Arenas always said that he planned on reconnecting with Robinson after his playing days were over. He never got the chance.