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Lil Wayne caught up with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez recently where they talked about some of the things he missed while in jail, with MTV’s hit reality show, “The Jersey Shore” being one of them. According to, Weezy stated, “On the real, I just started watching ‘Jersey Shore’. You can ask them, I’m mad I missed out. And then the other day Vinny had on a ‘Free Weezy’ shirt, I rocks with ‘Jersey Shore,’ man.”

He also expressed his love for the tanned Jersey Shore ladies stating, “I like Deena and I like Angelina and, um, Jenni. Now if I catch one of them, it’s on.”

Notice he failed to mention Snooki and Sammi. Whomp.

Weezy also went on to say, “I like they swag. I like Pauly D swag and Vinny’s swag. I ain’t really on Ronnie and Mike like that. I like the fact that they set the trend you supposed to live by as a young male in this world. They go to the club, and they really come back with something like every time. Every time, fool. That’s my favorite show right there.”

I’m with you Wayne, “The Jersey Shore” is one of my faves too! And of course Wayne loves the fact that “The Jersey Shore” guys bring home a new chick from the club everynight. Go figure.

I’m sure lot of Wayne fans have jumped on The Jersey Shore bandwagon after hearing Weezy show love to the show. Fistpump!

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