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Chris Brown’s fans were on full defense mode against Trey Songz this weekend. They attacked Songz on Twitter after he tweeted a message they thought was a subliminal shot towards Brown.

Trey Songz tweeted: “If I was to have a sextape or even pics ‘leak’ I’d promote it like a album lmaoooooo.”

Chris’ fans thought Trey was taking shots at Chris and his recent nude pics scandal, but Trey was actually responding to two horny fans who had written earlier: “we decided that @TreySongz needs to come out with sum d**k pics or a sextape.”

“Team Breezy” began to harass Trey to the point that he Tweeted two more messages:

“And for you weirdos sayin I’m sneak dissin, if I’m dissin any1 Ima do that straight up. So kill that, Back to ur regularly scheduled lives”

“To teambreezy or whoever else. I bn dwn wit CB since day1 & nothings changed. As long as he knw that truly nothing else matters. Luv”

The moral of the story: Everyone needs to mind their own business.

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